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Here you can read about my story and my past involvement with Alfa Romeo and Ferrari (and a few other marques) during the golden years of racing.  Enjoy. 


Taking a break from work

What a car!

Before starting autovolante I was involved with the Raceco racing team, based in Coral Gables, Florida.  We raced the Alfa Romeo shown here; this picture was taken at Sebring.


Pushing hard

Go go go!

Again Sebring, here you can see me pushing the Alfa race car out of the pits at Sebring.  The car was driven by Bob Beatty, Richard Melville and Mark Davis.


The Raceco GTV

The Raceco GTV in the garage.  Vic Zafuto, Alfa Romeo Area Rep, is seen wearing a tie.


The Ferrari 250LM

Our Ferrari race car

Merello and Ortega were the owners and drivers of this beautiful 250 LM, here shown at Daytona in 1968 where it finished 8th overall.  It was raced at Daytona in 1969 as well, and this time Umberto Maglioli co-drove the car with Merello and Ortega.  Gearbox problems forced the car out of the race with only a few hours to go. 


The Ferrari 250LM

Our Ferrari race car

The car ended up in Ecuador, and later was donated to the King of Sweden, apparently the only way to export the car again as it had become a national treasure.  The car was restored by a collector and sold last for 2.8 million dollars. It was recently shown at the Nurburgring.


Posing for History

Our Ferrari Team

Here are the people that raced our Ferrari.  Standing left to right, drivers Gunn, Merello and Ortega.  Below, first from left is the late Robert Beatty, President of Raceco.  


The Raceco Chevron BMW Coupe

The Raceco Chevron

In 1969 we raced the first Chevron in the United States.  It was a Chevron B8 Coupe with a BMW engine.  It was owned by Robert Beatty, President of Raceco.  Its first race was the 24 Hours of Daytona where it finished 6th overall. The drivers were John Gunn (shown in the picture) and Robert Beatty.  The next race was the 12 Hours of Sebring. In that occasion Umberto Maglioli and Hugh Kleinpeter also drove for the Raceco team.  Unfortunately tha car lost the rear cab. We had to rebuild it with duct tape but managed to finish the race.


The Raceco Chevron BMW Coupe at Daytona, 1969

Pit Stop

Daytona, 1969, the Raceco Chevron pits at around 11 AM after a grueling night. 


John Gunn at the wheel of a Raceco race car


An Alfa 33 at Sebring in 1971

The Alfa 33

Alfa Romeo used to come in full force and field several official cars for the races at Sebring and Daytona.  Every time they would come to Florida, Carlo Chiti, the chief engineer and President of Autodelta, would call me to help the team.  They would ship the parts and sometimes even race cars to Raceco, our Alfa Dealership at that time, and we would transport parts and /or cars to the track. I have incredible memories of those days as Alfa granted me nd my family unlimited access to the pit area.  We could then meet just about every driver that raced for Alfa Romeo, such as Mario Andretti, Arturo Merzario, Ralf Stommelen.  I remember Nino Vaccarella pretending to conduct an imaginary orchestra as music was playing from a radio.


Carlo Chiti at Sebring in 1972, and my son Ricky.  Mr. Chiti granted pit access to my family.

Carlo Chiti

The picture shows Carlo Chiti standing in fron of a 1972 Alfa 33.  The little kid is my son Rickie!  Later in 1975, after winning the World Championship at Watkins Glen, Chiti and Ingegner Marelli told me that he would leave the winning car with me.  This was a 1975 33TT12, the only aluminum tube chassis made, and was driven by Mario Andretti and Arturo Merzario. Thye told me I could have the car and take as long as I wanted to pay for it, nothing down.  I eventually found out that he would have given me the car regardless of what I paid him, this was his way of thanking people that helped him.  


Yvonne Sirgany with Peter Revson